Now is the Time to Fix Your Investment Portfolio

    MarketWatch opinion by Chuck Jaffe

    As the U.S. stock market reached its darkest hour in recent memory on August 24, mutual fund investors reached for their telephones, computers, and mobile devices.

    Fund companies universally reported call and traffic volumes well-above expected norms for an August weekday, which was no surprise given that the Dow Jones Industrial Average fresh off a … Read More

    Robin Williams’ Bikes are an Issue in Estate Fight

    Associated Press

    A legal fight over late actor Robin Williams’ possessions includes his large bicycle collection, artwork, books and other items worth millions of dollars, an attorney for his widow said Friday.

    Robin Williams was an avid biker who was known to frequent bike shops in Marin County, where he lived.

    James Wagstaffe, who is representing Susan Williams, asked a … Read More

    Barron’s: Chinese Market Expected to Fall 15 Percent

    Newsmax article by Dan Weil

    The Shanghai Composite Stock Index has plunged 38 percent since June 12, and the rout isn’t over yet, experts say.

    Top strategists and money managers expect the drop to continue to about 2,700 for the index, according to Barron’s. That’s down 15.8 percent from Monday’s close of 3,206.

    Price-earnings ratios don’t look pretty for Chinese … Read More

    Special Purpose Trusts For Parents With Troubled Adult Children

    NYT article by Paul Sullivan

    Special-purpose trusts can be used to provide children a semblance of the life they might have enjoyed without mental illness or addiction, but these trusts can be complicated to establish.

    It was the summer between her sophomore and junior year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison when Patti Sacher’s daughter Keisha had a breakdown. She had … Read More

    Money Managers Look for Stock Bargains in Turmoil

    NYT article by James B. Stewart

    The steep market sell-off has spared hardly anyone. Even some of the country’s top-performing portfolio managers have been hit. A fund run by William Miller, the Legg Mason Opportunity Trust, gave back all of this year’s gains of 14 percent. Bill Smead, who manages the Smead Value Fund, lost about 10 percent over the Read More

    Women May be less Prepared for the Death of their Spouse

    MarketWatch article by Quentin Fottrell

    Even if you have above-average wealth, like Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, who lost her husband suddenly earlier this year, it’s important for couples to make sure the surviving spouse is taken care of.

    Women outlive men, but they may not fare so well financially after the death of their spouse.

    Nearly half of … Read More

    FolioDynamix and INFOVISA Partner to Break Down Technology Silos in Bank and Trust Wealth Management

    Joint Interface Will Enable Bank and Trust Firms to Seamlessly Share Information Between INFOVISA Trust Accounting System and FolioDynamix Portfolio Management Platform

    FolioDynamix, a leading provider of wealth management technology and advisory services, today announced a partnership with INFOVISA, an independent provider of data processing systems for bank trust departments and independent trust companies. The two companies will develop a … Read More

    Salesforce Introduces Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: Transforming the Client-Advisor Relationship

    Salesforce [NYSE: CRM], the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM company, today introduced Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, transforming the client-advisor relationship for the digital age.

    With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, the company’s first industry-specific product, Salesforce is empowering advisors to build deeper, 1-to-1 client relationships, be more productive, and engage more holistically with clients anywhere and on any device. … Read More

    Why China’s Stock Market Crash is so Bad for Apple

    Vox Technology article by Matthew Yglesias

    China’s stock market has been crashing this summer, which is both a sign of and potentially a cause of underlying economic problems in the country. Those problems have also led to a reduction in the value of China’s currency. This instability has roiled global financial markets more generally, but Apple — America’s largest company … Read More

    5 Things You Need to Know About This Stock Market Sell-Off

    MarketWatch article by Charles Passy

    Remember those peaceful, early days of 2015? When Donald Trump wasn’t running for president (at least, not officially)? When Tom Brady wasn’t fighting his Deflategate suspension? Oh, and when the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, wasn’t on a topsy-turvy ride reminiscent — at least to some investors — of the dark days of 2008-09? Well, … Read More


Dr. Dre and the Apple Slide: Self-Proclaimed Billionaire Knew Cash Would Be King

While selling out to the establishment might not have taken the West Coast rapper straight from Compton to true billionaire status, delaying the Apple stock like any other employee may be the smartest move of his life.

A year after Apple paid $3.2 billion for cult headphone manufacturer Beats, the giant of Cupertino is on the defensive while Beats co-founder … Read More

Is Betterment Better? Time to Rate the Robot Advisors

Between Baby Boom and Echo Boom, the do-or-die moment for bringing professional wealth management to the mass market is here. The only question is which platform gets critical mass first.

Automated wealth management advice for the middle class was a hypothetical concept for years. Now the biggest players in the business are making it happen.

The prize is about $7 … Read More

Can Your Long-Term Recruiting Plan Match Your Clients’ Dynastic Ambitions?

The secret shortage of trust talent is only going to get worse as Baby Boom personnel retire and the balance of power shifts from grantors to beneficiaries. Skip the recruiting line by stepping up your training programs now.

Retiring Baby Boomers have opened the spigot on what could become a $30 trillion flood of intergenerational wealth transfers, but institutions are … Read More

Kardashian in Trouble: Bad Disclosure Earns Kim A Big FDA Slap

If the Twitter Queen can’t fit all the required boilerplate into a 140-character box, more closely regulated professionals like advisors and doctors need to rethink their social marketing programs to avoid backlash.

Kim Kardashian may be one of the most successful promoters of the social media era, but the fun may grind to a halt now that the regulators are … Read More

Do-It-Yourself Wealth Management Becoming Endangered Species

Critical mass pushes outsourced approaches into the industry mainstream and big players keep lining up. The future is here, grab while you can.

We’re coming up on the seventh anniversary of the Lehman Brothers crash and I can’t help but notice that the post-traumatic wounds have finally healed.

Phones are ringing. Big institutions are moving out of defensive postures while … Read More

Swiss Bankers Complicit in Billionaire Client’s Tax Evasion

Fiduciary risk edges upward after judge says that UBS can’t recoup legal costs because the firm helped real estate baron Igor Olenicoff hide $200 million from the IRS in overseas accounts.

It’s a complex story, but an Orange County judge just shifted the balance of strategic options for wealth managers between acknowledging regulatory errors and setting themselves up for attacks … Read More

Checking in on the Kardashians: Are They Getting Richer or Poorer?

A lot has changed for the reality TV dynasty over the last few years. But as hard as the Kardashians work at staying famous, they’d better be moving a lot of cash into the family trust funds where reporters can’t spot it.

The Trust Advisor inadvertently launched an entire genre of celebrity journalism a few years ago by digging into … Read More

The Independent Empire Strikes Back: Giant LPL Moves 800-Lb Gorilla into the Robo Advisor Sphere

With close to half a trillion dollars on the books, scale is no problem. The next phase is clearly about letting automation do the heavy lifting so affiliates can compete more savagely for assets in play.

With 4,000 advisors and 3,000 other industry people concentrated in Boston this week for LPL’s annual conference, you don’t need a microphone to figure … Read More

Following Fake Client Orders Gets Advisor Banned: Has YOUR Firm Been Hacked?

Communications protocols exist to protect careers as well as clients. As hackers ramp up their game, it’s more important than ever to run every transaction by the book.

The scam that suckered David Paul Santos into wrecking his own career boils down to a variation on data “fishing” schemes that firms like his warn investors against all the time.

The … Read More

Top Rapper 50 Cent May Lose Mansion As Bankruptcy Bid Misfires

Classic hole in the asset protection framework leaves what was once a $500 million empire exposed to substantial legal liabilities. If he can’t find the cash, liquidating the house probably won’t bring tears to his eyes.

When the fourth-richest hip hop artist in history declares bankruptcy over some dubious business and personal decisions, it’s a pretty good bet the lawyers … Read More