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    Asset Protection in Estate Planning

    The Spectrum article by Brent Shakespeare

    You’re beginning to accumulate substantial wealth, but you worry about protecting it from future potential creditors.

    Whether your concern is for your personal assets or your business, various tools exist to keep your property safe from tax collectors, accident victims, health care providers, credit card issuers, business creditors, and creditors of others.

    To insulate … Read More

    Atlantic Trust Receives Delaware Trust Charter

    New trust company offers wealthy families the benefits of Delaware law

    Atlantic Trust, the U.S. private wealth management division of CIBC, announced today that it has received a Delaware limited purpose trust charter, enabling the firm to offer trust services beyond that already provided by its national trust company.

    The state of Delaware has long been known as a leader … Read More

    How Artificial Intelligence Will Eliminate The Need For The Vast Majority Of Life Insurance Agents

    Forbes article by Russ Alan Prince

    All the professions are going to be reconfigured by artificial intelligence. The result will be fewer professionals and many of their roles “downgraded.”

    Advances in artificial intelligence, also known as cognitive computing, are starting to cause a seismic shift in the professions. The eventual result is the eradication of many positions and the changing … Read More

    US Labor Department Seeks Public Comment on Proposal to Protect Consumers From Conflicts of Interest in Retirement Advice

    The U.S. Department of Labor has released a proposed rule that will protect 401(k) and IRA investors by mitigating the effect of conflicts of interest in the retirement investment marketplace. A White House Council of Economic Advisers analysis found that these conflicts of interest result in annual losses of about 1 percentage point for affected investors — or about $17 … Read More

    Three Things the Wealth Management Industry Isn’t Telling You

    Observer opinion article by Barnaby B. Riedel

    What is the meaning of a financial life? While it may sound like a question for philosophers (or teenagers taking philosophy), its in fact foundational to an entire industry wanting to help you (and me) achieve financial success.

    I’m talking about the wealth management industry—that assortment of financial services that includes everything from … Read More

    How To Tell If Retirement-Income Funds Are Right For You

    MarketWatch article by Robert Powell

    With all the back and forth over whether to withdraw 4% from your portfolio in your golden years, few would blame you if you simply threw in the towel and put your money in a managed payout fund.

    Those are funds that, at least on paper, are supposed to provide you with a steady stream … Read More

    New Netflix Original Series: Bloodline

    The new Netflix original series Bloodline is a dramatic thriller that follows a deeply community rooted family in the Florida Keys, on the edge of the return of the black sheep son, which threatens to expose dark family secrets.

    The show includes estate planning themes, such as plot themes revolving around the patriarch’s will and questions of testamentary capacity.

    See:  … Read More

    Aging Investors Unprepared to Transfer Wealth to Younger Generation, Advisors Need to Drive Process

    Edward Jones and Fidelity Investments Rank Highest in a Tie in Full Service Investor Satisfaction

    With an aging full service investor demographic and an anticipated enormous generational transfer of wealth on the horizon, investment firms are not asking the right questions of their clients and may be at risk of losing assets if they fail to establish relationships now with … Read More

    Former NFL Player Accused In Ponzi Scheme

    USA Today article by Kevin McCoy

    Former NFL player Will Allen and a business associate ran a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors in an alleged fraud based on loans to pro athletes who were short of cash, a federal regulator said Tuesday.

    Allen, Susan Daub and their Capital Financial Partners firms raised more than $31 million from investors who were … Read More

    Female Investors Often Beat Men

    CNN Money article by Heather Long  

    One of the biggest conundrums in the financial world is this: Survey after survey shows that women lack confidence when it comes to investing and retirement planning. Yet if you look at the actual results, women often perform better than men.

    Caryn Effron has seen this first-hand. A long-time real estate professional, she was … Read More


TAMP Boom Brewing as Outsourcing the Portfolio Achieves Critical Mass

A full 40% of advisors have embraced automation as the key to more effective client prospecting and increased AUM. By this point you should know whether you want to join the revolution – the real question is which platform you want as your dance partner.

This looks like the year that advisors get serious about focusing on what they are … Read More

George Clooney Divorce Rumors: $220M Prenup Failure No Longer Looks Romantic

Six months after the wedding, speculation about irreconcilable differences just won’t stop. Good ultra-high-net-worth planning isn’t about hoping the rumors aren’t true. It’s about being prepared for the worst-case scenario even if it’s unlikely.

George Clooney and British attorney Amal Alamuddin were barely back from their honeymoon when the tabloids started digging up stories that the $220 million couple was … Read More

Nevada Supreme Court Approves 365-Year Dynasty Trusts in Landmark Decision

The Supreme Court of the State of Nevada has shot down a Harvard law professor’s claim that Nevada’s 365-year rule against perpetuities is ineffective.

In an article published last year in The Vanderbilt Law Review titled Unconstitutional Perpetual Trusts, co-authors Steven J. Horowitz and Robert H. Sitkoff called the constitutionality of certain longer-term dynasty trust statutes into question. Horowitz … Read More

Andrew Getty Dies: Dynastic Planning Dream or Disaster?

Another death under dubious circumstances casts unwelcome light on the $5 billion family’s failure to keep multiple generations of heirs out of trouble.  Your best clients should view the House of Getty as a cautionary tale and not something to imitate.

A legendary name and a share in the family fortune weren’t enough to keep Andrew Getty from being found … Read More

Suze Orman Won’t Stop Thrashing Advisors

Suze Orman has been beating-up on professional financial advisors since 2000 and advisors are rightly concerned when this popular celebrity gives recommendations that are not suitable for their clients.

Suze Orman is well known for her personal-financial advice and she enjoys being called a “financial guru.” She’s written nine New York Times bestsellers.

The Suze Orman Show on CNBC television … Read More

Top SEC Cop Doubles Down on Fiduciary Fight: Why Keep FINRA Around?

With Mary Jo White now talking about a uniform standard of conduct “in the very near term,” it’s starting to look like years of regulatory wrangling are winding down. One way or another, it’s time for the future to arrive.

The brokerage industry has been living under the shadow of a forced transition from one client care standard to another … Read More

JINX: Can Robert Durst Lose His $100 Million Inheritance?

NYC real estate heir may go straight from easy street to death row after surprise arrest for long-unsolved murder. The case raises tough questions about what happens to the funds when trust fund babies go far astray.

Robert Durst just moved into a world where the interest on his share of a billion-dollar Manhattan commercial real estate empire no longer … Read More

T. Rowe Price: Americans Are Impoverishing Their Retirement for College Tuitions

Many American parents face a struggle in their golden years because they are raiding their retirement nest eggs to pay for their children’s college tabs, according to a new T. Rowe Price survey.

Parents who follow such a course might regret it later, in the view of the asset management firm’s experts.

The 2015 Family Financial Trade-Offs Survey included … Read More

Ackman Says He Hasn’t Been Contacted by Federal Agencies on Herbalife

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman said he had not been contacted by federal agencies investigating possible manipulation of Herbalife Inc.’s stock.The company’s shares were up nearly 10 percent in early trading on Friday.

Ackman said in a CNBC interview that some people hired by Global Strategy Group, a consultancy working for his Pershing Square Capital Management LP, had received subpoenas from

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SunGard Steps Up with TAMP / CRM Integration Offering Advisors Powerful Desktop Command Center

SunGard expands into the managed accounts business with the launch of an all-in-one managed investment solution for banks, trust companies and RIAs.

For years, financial and trust advisors alike have complained about too many dysfunctional web-based technologies that sit on the same screen but can’t talk to each other. Now the walls between applications are finally coming down.

SunGard, America’s … Read More

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