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    Estate Planning and Assets: How Much Do You Have To Pass On?

    Forbes article by Larry Light

    We don’t like to think of our own death, but given its inevitability, sooner or later, we need to be ready to pass along our worldly goods to others. Having a good estate plan is key. One of the smartest advisors in this area is Elizabeth P. Anderson, CFA, the founder of Beekman Wealth Advisory, Read More

    4 Critical Skills Your Child Needs to Develop Before Inheriting Your Money

    Forbes article by Covie Edwards-Pitt

    As a financial advisor to wealthy families, I’m often asked how old a child should be before he or she gains access to inherited money or receives significant financial gifts. 

    The truth is, age is a poor barometer of readiness.  Knowing this, wealth advisors have long encouraged parents to leave their money to trust, with … Read More

    51 Flavors: A Survey of Small Estate Procedures Across the Country

    Probate & Property Magazine article by Joseph N. Blumberg

    Properly navigating a probate administration in any one state can be challenging enough, but often the client’s estate—and the attorney’s practice—is not so neatly confined within one state’s boundaries.

    Fortunately, for certain types of assets and smaller estates, clients can avoid full probate proceedings and, in some states, any court involvement … Read More

    Retirement Rich List: 314 Have IRAs Averaging $258 Million Each, GAO Estimates

    Forbes article by Janet Novack 

    At the end of 2011, some 314 taxpayers had more than $25 million each squirreled away in tax deferred Individual Retirement Accounts, Congress’ Government Accountability Office estimated.

    Moreover, using data from the Internal Revenue Service, GAO estimated that a total of $81 billion was held in the lucky 314’s IRAs—or an average of $258 million … Read More

    9 Reasons Why Alan Greenspan Is Wrong About Everything

    PropertyCasualty360 article by Bill Coffin (used with permission)

    KPMG 2014 Insurance Industry Conference Keynote

    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan gave a keynote address at the KMPG 2014 Insurance Industry Conference on why the U.S. economy – and the rest of the world, for that matter – are in such economic doldrums. He laid out 9 reasons why our economy … Read More

    FINRA And The SEC ‘Like’ Social Media

    Forbes article by Joanna Belbey 

    “We’ll be out of compliance” is still the major reason that financial services firms block the use of social media for regulated users. However, that fear is contrary to the evolving regulatory landscape. Both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) state that they see a value in social media … Read More

    Joan Rivers’ Net Worth Inherited by Melissa?

    Hollywood Take article By Melissa Siegel

    What was Joan Rivers’ net worth at the time of her death?

    The exact value of her estate is still unclear. But between Joan’s QVC line, her Fashion Police salary, and her $30 million NYC penthouse, it’s clear Melissa will inherit plenty from her mother.

    Joan Rivers’ death has led to a host of … Read More

    How To Prepare Your Heirs For Their Inheritance

    Forbes article by Steven Abernathy and Brian Luster

    “Be careful to leave your sons well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant.” – Epictetus

    Research cited in a 2013 Wall Street Journal article found that 70 percent of an affluent family’s wealth is typically gone by the end of … Read More

    The Estate Settlement Process

    Business First article by Braden Lammers

    It could be millions of dollars or a grandma’s photo album.

    But to heirs, the photo album often means more than the money. That’s according to officials with Hilliard Lyons LLC’s trust company operation in Louisville.

    “The biggest conflicts are never about the money,” said Jeffrey Uhling, senior vice president and trust and estate … Read More

    Estate Planning for Your Horses: Protecting Your Horses if They Outlast You

    JDSupra Business Advisor article by Catherine Eberl

    It is 8:00 on a brisk, summer morning. You just finished your morning barn chores — the horses are fed, their stalls are clean. Your mare is peacefully grazing outside while her one-month-old filly prances around her; your two geldings look on. As you start your second cup of coffee, you catch up … Read More


$200 Million FolioDynamix Buy Proves Wealth Platforms Are In Play

A few months ago, the outsourced portfolio provider was nibbling at its rivals. Now the firm itself has accepted a takeout offer from an unexpected direction. Who is Actua and what do they want?

Cut through the headlines and the acquisition of FolioDynamix looks like a little more than the usual bolt-on buyout to achieve scale.

For one thing, the … Read More

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Wealth Management Platform

When assets are scarce, costs for portfolio management, research, trading, client service and compliance remain fixed. A turnkey investment management platform, with fees based on assets under management, can reduce costs and unlock strategic flexibility.

Could the post-credit crunch death spiral experienced by so many wealth management firms have been avoided with an outsourced investment management solution?

For example, consider Read More

High-Growth Markets Help Newly Chartered AdvisorTrust Hit Home Run

Next-generation “advisor-friendly” strategy combines deep connections in the retirement industry with commitment to helping partners prospect their own wins. Net result: zero to $2 billion in 60 days.

When independent trust company AdvisorTrust got its state charter in November, the principals had their toe in the doors of a lot of high-powered advisory firms, but they still had to sign … Read More

Joan Rivers Covered Her $290 Million Bases, Leaving Space for the Intangibles

One of the biggest celebrity fortunes looks relatively simple to distribute. Good estate planning means the heirs can concentrate on mourning, the funeral and the lingering medical questions.

Joan Rivers went out at the top of her game, leaving behind what the wealth rankings estimate is around $290 million for her heirs.

From all accounts, settling the estate will be … Read More

California Title Company Opens Trust Office In Las Vegas

First American Trust joins Northern Trust and other federally chartered powerhouses on the ground in one of the most vibrant administrative jurisdictions on the planet.

In a move to get a piece of the trust action in Nevada, First American Trust has opened its first regional office outside its native California.

The Las Vegas operation will extend the institution’s burgeoning … Read More

10 Most Popular Trust Advisor Stories for 2014

Wealth managers and estate planners love celebrity headlines as much as everyone, as long as there’s a core of advice that less flashy high-net-worth clients can apply to their own family finances.

Based on the feedback we get, Trust Advisor readers appreciate in-depth coverage of what’s going on in the business, but the financial feats and failures of the famous … Read More

When Can Breaking Bad’s “Just Call Saul” Deliver Dynastic Trusts in New Mexico?

Estate planning was central to the Emmy-winning TV powerhouse. Now that the show is no longer pumping $1 million an episode into the state economy, trust may finally get some traction.

Walter White’s final struggle to leave a legacy for his son swept the Emmy awards this week but “Breaking Bad” is over and done with now.

Tourists still come … Read More

Resource Guide: Money Smart for Older Adults

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog by Gerry W. Beyer

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) have made available a resource guide entitled Money Smart for Older Adults.

The guide provides information for financial planning and, avoiding and addressing elder financial exploitation. Provided below is the introduction to the guide:

With over 50 million … Read More

Nevada, Alaska Win for Top Choices as Best Trust States in America

Cross-border asset war enters a new phase as Nevada captures almost twice as many votes as every other jurisdiction in the country put together. What’s the state’s secret? And are the accounts following its fame? 

When we asked Trust Advisor readers to name the best state for trust accounts, we were expecting a tight race between the top-tier jurisdictions.

After … Read More

Robin Williams Hid His Assets After All, But Any ILITs May Have Backfired On His Planners

While the savvy comedian evidently pulled the once-public trusts back into the shadows before he died, what we know about the assets might produce a little better than tragedy.

The small comfort for Robin Williams’ grieving heirs is that despite rumors, his real estate plan is tighter than anything younger and less wealthy stars like Philip Seymour Hoffman put together.… Read More

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