Jammin’ Java Owners Charged With Stock Manipulation

    CFO article by Matthew Heller

    The former CEO of Jammin’ Java and eight other individuals have been charged over a “pump-and-dump” scheme that allegedly generated $78 million in illicit profits by manipulating the stock price of the distributor of Marley Coffee.

    Jammin’ Java is licensed to use the trademarks of the late reggae star Bob Marley and was founded by … Read More

    Conversation For The Thanksgiving Table – Investing For Teenagers

    Huffington Post article by Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, CFP

    Dear Carrie,

    My 15-year-old grandson called me the other night and asked if he should open a brokerage account. He has $500 to invest. What should I tell him? Thanks!

    –A Reader

    Dear Reader,

    I must say I’m impressed! For a teen to want to invest his savings rather than buy the latest … Read More

    10 Ways to Save Money on Taxes before Year-End

    With 2015 coming to a close, you still have time to take steps that can lower your 2015 taxes. It is advised that you review you tax situation with your tax advisor. Financial advisors can also help many clients especially with year-end investment planning.

    1. Postpone Income
    If you think you will be in a lower tax bracket next year, … Read More

    Where Do Your Debts Go When You Pass Away?

    Quicken Loans article by Patrick Chism

    Let’s start by acknowledging that death’s no fun to talk about. It’s easier to kick that rusty can down the road, saving those darker conversations for another day. But before you take the “financial ignorance is bliss” approach, you need to consider how your debt will affect your loved ones after you’re gone. In … Read More

    Fidelity Boots Betterment… And Joins Growing List of Robo-Advisers

    NY Times article by Ron Lieber 

    Fidelity Investments is flirting with the investment robots.

    Fidelity is testing its own automated investing platform, which it is calling Fidelity Go. The move puts the company into head-to-head competition with so-called robo-adviser start-ups like Betterment and Wealthfront, as well as traditional players like Vanguard and Schwab that recently began offering similar services.

    The … Read More

    Allen & Co. – The Advisory Firm To The Biggest Names

    Business Insider article by Lucinda Shen

    Some of the biggest names in tech, telecom, and the media industries have one thing in common.

    The tiny financial advisory firm quietly advising them on deals behind the scenes: Allen & Co.

    The firm worked on the initial public offering of Ferrari, which priced on Tuesday night.

    It is also an adviser on … Read More

    FTJ FundChoice Hits Critical Mass on Retention, Steady Advisor Adoption

    Once advisors migrate to the outsourced investment approach, they almost never go back. Meteoric growth at FTJ FundChoice boils down to nourishing that inherent 90% retention rate while courting firms ready to make the leap.

    Success continues for FTJ FundChoice as the firm recently announced that it now invests over $5 billion on behalf of its financial advisor clients. FTJ … Read More

    Betterment, the “Robo-Adviser”, Tops $3B in AUM

    NY Post article by Kevin Dugan

    There’s a new top robot in town.

    Betterment, a seven-year old “robo-adviser” wealth manager, surpassed rival Wealthfront this week after surpassing $3 billion in assets under management — nearly tripling client funds since January, CEO Jon Stein told The Post.

    The milestone comes seven months after an online spat erupted among Betterment, Wealthfront, and … Read More

    FINRA Seeks to Better Connect Firms With Their BrokerCheck Ratings

    New York Law Journal article by Evan Charkes

    Over the past several years, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) has sought to deepen retail investors’ awareness of its BrokerCheck public disclosure system by issuing a series of rule proposals that would link this system to its member firms’ websites and other of their social media presence pages.1 BrokerCheck allows … Read More

    Legg Mason Looks To Create New ETFs

    Yahoo Finance article by Max Chen

    Legg Mason Inc. has moved closer toward the exchange traded fund arena, filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission to build index-based stock and bond ETFs.

    According to a recent SEC filing, Legg Mason is applying for an exemptive relief to create ETFs that reflect the performance of an underlying index.

    “The Initial Fund … Read More


Charlie Sheen Defies HIV Blackmailers: Did an Asset Protection Trust Just Kick In?

Four years of hush money ended extremely abruptly last week. The hard-living star evidently has nothing left to fear – perhaps because anyone who feels victimized can no longer fight back in court.

Easy Come, Easy Go: Why 35% of Americans Squander Their Inheritance

Reports show lump-sum distributions are a disaster for retirees. For about 7 million Americans, the fruits of decades of painstaking money management will evaporate just as fast. Protect your clients as well as their heirs.

The typical inheritance isn’t huge, but research going around the industry now indicates that a lot of little bequests are being squandered fast enough to … Read More

Who Is Paul Singer? High-Profile Political Role Brings Billionaires Out Of The Shadows

Big contributors don’t fear the spotlight but Super PAC scrutiny reveals deep rifts on UHNW policy goals as well as strategy. Even at this level, team players punch above their weight.

 We’re only halfway into the 2016 election cycle and the first wave of billionaire backers has already exposed strategic fault lines in the unlimited contribution system.

A relative handful … Read More

Over His Head: Marco Rubio Would Fail Financial Planner Standards, Much Less The Presidency

You don’t need to be a financial genius or self-made billionaire to make a viable bid for the White House, but it’s hard to lead a superpower if you can’t find and follow expert advice.

To the extent that anyone “won” last week’s Republican debate, the pundits are now betting that underdog Marco Rubio now has a shot at the … Read More

Is Your CRM Ready To Replace You?

The real glory of modern customer relationship systems starts when wealth managers let the electronic phone book do more of the talking.

The wealth management industry has been waiting for over a decade now to see the CRM revolution transform advisors’ lives as promised.

In many cases, it’s actually the technology’s fault that CRM adoption has been slower than anticipated. … Read More

Hillary Versus Trump: Which Leading Presidential Contender Really Looks Better for Advisors?

The field is getting a little less crowded as key players on both sides drop out or scale back. Time to start weighing the wealth management scenarios.

Joe Biden has decided against a 2016 run. Scott Walker is gone and Jeb Bush is laying off campaign staff.

Meanwhile Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton remain far in the lead for their … Read More

Secretive UHNW Campaign Donors Squirm Under Big Data Microscope: Protect Your Clients’ Contributions From Scrutiny

Political privacy is now at a premium for the wealthiest families, turning methods for concealing their activities into necessities for future election cycles.

Very rich voters will always be outnumbered in any society, but in a system where wealth doesn’t directly translate to political authority, would-be plutocrats have to make tough choices.

While they can spend their way to influence, … Read More

Apple Colleagues, Widow Irate Over Steve Jobs “Hatchet” Movie But Aren’t Suing Yet

The Hollywood version of reality is a hit, leaving the heirs on the defensive. What went wrong in their efforts to protect the image-driven tech titan’s legend?

The long-awaited film version of Steve Jobs’ story opened in limited release in New York and Los Angeles this weekend to record-setting packed houses, even though it’s vanishingly unlikely that the Apple co-founder’s … Read More

What’s YOUR Firm Worth? New Research Shows You Add More Value Than You Think

Every dollar of AUM actually gives a full-service advisor triple the room to justify fees and build long-term enterprise value. Our next webinar gives you the tools to put the numbers to work on your behalf.

For years, conventional industry math has fixated on 100 basis points as the sweet spot that investors are willing to pay for an advisor’s … Read More

Yogi Berra Never Cashed In: Constantly Quoted Career Had Estate Planning Dark Side

More aggressive career managers would have put a stop to third parties swiping the baseball icon’s best lines decades ago. Is dying with a few million dollars and endless love enough?

Yogi Berra died aged 90 with a house in New Jersey up for sale and maybe a couple million dollars in the bank.

He spent the last few years … Read More