The 2014 Fidelity RIA Benchmarking Study

    Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, a leading custodian for registered investment advisor (RIA) firms, released findings from The 2014 Fidelity RIA Benchmarking Study,(1) which revealed many firms (2) recognize the need to improve when it comes to marketing and business development: only 5 percent feel their firms are advanced in these areas, and seven in 10 do not have a plan … Read More

    Year in Review: Wealth Management Ramps Up In Houston

    Houston Business Journal article by Suzanne Edwards

    The burgeoning wealth management market in Houston was typified when Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management released the 2014 United States Wealth Report in September, which showed Houston to have the second-fastest growing population of high-net worth individuals of all 12 metropolitan areas covered in the report.

    Such wealth has caused banks to recalibrate … Read More

    IRS Can Audit For Three Years, Six…Or Forever

    Forbes article by Robert W. Wood 

    In most cases, the IRS has three years to audit after you file your return. If the IRS shows up after that, they may be too late.

    Surprisingly, amending a return often does not change the three year limit. But many special rules can extend your audit purgatory.

    The three years is doubled to … Read More

    How Successful People Squash Stress

    Forbes article by Travis Bradberry

    We all know that living under stressful conditions has serious physical and emotional consequences. So why do we have so much trouble taking action to reduce our stress levels and improve our lives? Researchers at Yale University have the answer. They found that intense stress actually reduces the volume of gray matter in the areas … Read More

    What to Do When Your Financial Adviser Retires

    NYT article by Paul Sullivan

    Financial advisers as a group are aging and that means many of them are about to retire or transfer their practices to someone younger, just as doctors, dentists and other professionals do.

    But for clients who have worked with the same adviser for decades — and may be close to the adviser in age and … Read More

    Millionaires More Confident in US Economy: Survey

    CNBC article by Eric Rosenbaum        

    When it comes to the economy, America’s millionaires are an increasingly confident bunch.

    More than 50 percent of wealthy investors believe the economy will be stronger one year from now, according to the just released CNBC Millionaire Survey. That’s up 9 percent from six months ago, when 42 percent of millionaires surveyed expressed a similar … Read More

    The Incredible Shrinking Incomes of Young Americans

    The Atlantic news by Derek Thompson

    It’s repetitive for some to hear, but important for everybody to know: You can’t explain Millennial economic behavior without explaining that real wages for young Americans have collapsed.

    American families are grappling with stagnant wage growth, as the costs of health care, education, and housing continue to climb. But for many of America’s younger … Read More

    New York Advisory Firm Charged With Defrauding Investors

    Reuters News

    U.S. federal regulators charged a New York-based investment advisory firm and two co-owners with misleading clients into investing in a risky hedge fund.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused that Timothy Dembski and Walter Grenda of Reliance Financial Advisors misled clients who were retired or nearing retirement and living on fixed incomes to invest in a fund … Read More

    Melissa Rivers to File Multimillion-Dollar Wrongful Death Lawsuit

    Page Six news by Julia Marsh and Laura Italiano

    ​Joan Rivers‘ daughter has selected a powerhouse Manhattan ​law ​firm ​and will file a multimillion-dollar medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit against the endoscopy clinic where ​the legendary comedian lapsed into a coma ​during a routine throat procedure, sources told The Post. ​The doctors involved in the procedure will also be … Read More

    11 Fundamental Elements of a Stress-Free Estate Plan

    Forbes article by Mark Eghrari 

    It’s easy to assume estate plans are intended to deal with future concerns: planning for retirement, providing an inheritance for loved ones, planning for Medicaid eligibility, avoiding estate taxes… all the “someday” stuff.

    But your estate plan can eliminate (or at the very least reduce) one issue that is very much of the present: stress … Read More


Tony Robbins RIA Career Implodes: Was the Motive Management or the Money?

Weeks of industry revolt convince the king of the coaches to backpedal on plans to “partner” on an advisory venture. Once again, the mass market remains unmoved.

For a little while, Tony Robbins seemed ready to solve the puzzle of bringing investment advice to the middle class and unlocking $1.6 trillion in untapped assets.

Talks with his advisory buddies about … Read More

Wall Street Slams the Door on Obama Presidency, Leaving Hillary in the Cold

Lame duck administration gives big business Republicans two years of relative freedom from external interference. Most of the real money is already hunting someone who can go toe to toe with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Follow the money over the last six years and you can watch the hedge fund billionaires who initially embraced Barack Obama pull away from “change” … Read More

Warren Buffett Drops Tax Dove Facade When His Deals Are On The Line

Berkshire Hathaway continues to squeeze every dollar out of the IRS to juice long-term performance while the boss lobbies for tougher rules on everyone.

The greatest investor of all time has made it very clear over the years that while he’ll argue fiercely for higher tax rates, the IRS will have to fight him for every cent when it comes … Read More

Mike Nichols Proves Even Unconventional Careers Can Earn the Last $140 Million Laugh

After six decades of show business, three divorces and expensive hobbies, master of romantic comedy leaves a great marriage and a healthy fortune behind.

It might be the crowning achievement of Mike Nichols’ understated comic style that days after his death, the Internet is exploding with absurdist rumors that he was the highest-paid director in Hollywood, worth a cool $140 … Read More

$5 Billion Hedge Fund Divorce Fight Highlights Best and Worst Prenup Practices

Griffin split has had Chicago buzzing for months but the core lessons to learn here are universal. Even the hint of duress is disaster for a marital contract.

Wealthy singles everywhere need to follow the way hedge fund wunderkind Ken Griffin is now fighting to keep the fortune he built as an example of how even a divorce plan that … Read More

What You Need to Know About “Selling Away”

A spate of recent high-profile incidents of “selling away” client assets – moving money off the broker-dealer custody and records platform — should have financial advisors and others who manage money on the alert. Even if you don’t fully know the rules, you could find yourself violating federal securities law.

Independent powerhouse LPL Financial terminated its relationship with top broker … Read More

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Tax Soup Over Extravagant Pre-Wedding Gifts

After almost a decade together, the couple finally made it legal a few months ago. Recent reports of extravagant gifting raise questions of how much gift tax they burned on each other.

When Brad and Angelina vowed not to take their marriage vows until their gay and lesbian friends had the same right, accountants on both sides must have screamed.… Read More

Richard Branson to Lose Millions in Fatal Space Tourist Test Flight

Exploding experimental spacecraft puts all-star waiting list at risk. Will Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher and the rest gamble with their lives or line up for 5- to 6-figure refunds?

The tragic high-orbit disintegration of Richard Branson’s SpaceShipTwo may set the future of commercial space tourism back another year or two, but the celebrities who paid in advance for … Read More

Oscar de la Renta Leaves Big Hole in $300 Million Family Empire

The designer was an institution but it might be time for his heirs to make the hard choice about whether the family business can continue in its current form. An eleventh-hour succession plan may not be enough to perpetuate his legacy.

When legendary glamour merchant Oscar de la Renta vowed never to retire, it became inevitable that his death would … Read More

Nevada Joins South Dakota at the Top of the Dynasty Trust State Rankings

Once again, we’ve ranked the dynasty trust jurisdictions in order of the protection they provide wealthy families looking for a place to shield money for more than a few generations. This year the bulge bracket is shifting – and we even see change near the top.

The 3rd Annual Dynasty Trust State Rankings Chart has been released and can … Read More

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