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Robin Williams’ Estate Plan: Good, But Not Great

Robin Williams was a world-class comic who made millions and tried to take good financial care of his children, yet his estate planning talents may have not matched his comedic genius.

Despite Extreme Wealth, Hillary Clinton’s Estate Planning Feels a Little “Working Class”

The Clintons have gone from White House to riches over the last decade but last year’s disclosures reveal nothing more sophisticated than a residence trust and a lot of cash. Ty well off families can do better.

Morgan Stanley Eyes Compensation Cuts for Financial Advisors

Morgan Stanley wants to pay out a smaller portion of wealth management revenue to the retail brokers who generate it, the final and perhaps most difficult front in Chief Executive James Gorman’s drive to reduce staff costs across the bank.

7 Reasons Your Estate Plan May be Outdated

A variety of things can come up that will make your estate plan outdated, and any time this happens, the best course of action is calling your estate planning attorney to chat about an update. So how might your plan end up outdated?

Estate Planning Lessons from James Gandolfini and Other Celebrity Legacies

We all know about the estates of Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith, right?  But what about Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, Elvis Presley, and John F. Kennedy, Jr.?

Boot Camps Show Advisors How to Land Large Accounts

The Center for Wealth and Philanthropy says about a trillion dollars will transfer between generations every year for the next 50 years. That’s a million million-dollar accounts, turning over every 12 months.

Do Collectibles Belong in Your Investment Portfolio?

Global high net worth households hold an average of 9.6% of their wealth in collectibles. Collectibles are also known as “emotional assets,” “investments of passion” and “treasure” by various sources and are not an insignificant portion of net worth for wealthy investors.

SEC Crusade Against Billionaire Offshore Trusts Near $760 Million Reckoning

The IRS never blinked when $1 billion in stock moved to various island tax havens, but the advisors who suggested the transfers should have been more careful to avoid attracting even nastier attention.

Why are So Many Parents Disinheriting Their Kids? Ask Anderson Cooper, Who Knows the Brutal Truth of Losing His  $200 Million Inheritance

Sting and Philip Seymour Hoffman are only the latest mega-millionaire parents writing wills that disinherit their children. While the stars may be pleased with their charitable impulse, advisors need to soothe multigenerational tensions now.

TAMPs On Fire: New Data Shows Advisors Hot for More Managed Account Solutions

A few years ago, managed accounts had hit a wall. Now the top providers have all the new business they can handle – and early adopters are already reaping the rewards.

Taking a Broker to Arbitration

If you have a problem with your investment broker and you cannot resolve the dispute on your own, you probably won’t get your day in court. But you will be heard, most likely in a conference room somewhere, before a panel of arbitrators.

Attracting the Next Generation is the Wrong Asset Retention Strategy

Should you try to retain your clients’ assets when they pass away and leave those assets to the next generation by recruiting your clients’ kids now? My recommendation is no.


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