• Loden1111

    I read the same prediction when I, a baby boomer, was in my 20s. Because the baby boom was so much larger than the preceding generations, we would have to divide the pie into smaller pieces. Later, there were a flurry of articles predicting the children of the baby boomers would suffer from a lower standard of living. Each prediction is based on a “steady-state” economic prediction and does not take into account technological changes that change our lives profoundly. I am indeed a baby boomer, born in 1949. My observation of the Millennials who are my younger children and our grandchildren indicate they are so far ahead of my generation that there is no valid comparison. Most of the Millennials have retirement accounts started long before we did. They are already living at a standard of living we did not experience until a decade or more later, and their education and productivity is dramatically greater than ours.

    Just for the record, each successive Roman generation appears to have made the same prediction.