• Stephanie Campbell

    Anderson said that he doesnt need the money and he loves to work.

  • Eric

    $11 million a year…my God, just crazy.

  • Le’roy

    i hope anderson gives her grandkids!

  • Father_Of_One

    It’s option #3. The money is not there. Either Forbes or Fortune did a detailed article about how she was wiped out by the IRS. She was allowed to keep her apartment in Manhattan and some art and jewels. She has written books and made a few bucks in the meantime, but most likely she is selling off art and jewels from this enormous storage facility she has. I had forgotten about the two other boys. I hope they get whatever she has left.

  • Chris

    Cooper is a Twot! This little piglet did NOT earn everything he has on his own. It is fact he used his family’s connections to get where IT is today. End of story! A big whoop de doo that IT will not inherit any money. IT is worth over a hundred million ITself! Another no talent ass clown who got where he is BECAUSE of what IT Is from. Just a different package of a Kartrashian! More power to IT that IT was blessed to be in position where IT didn’t have to work hard for a living. Yet at the same time, kind of pathetic to think you really never earned anything the hard way in life.

    • Sherry Wines Velasquez

      Why is anyone concerned with people and their finances? Sure it’s out there for us to all read about but some of these comments are uncalled for. I think Anderson Cooper is a great guy and good at his job.


    just watched the special. she seems heartless….no wonder one son does not want to see her..one jumped out of her apt bldg and the other was not in group pictures. anderson is a great guy so thankfully so was his father….

  • Mark

    Anderson has done well on his own. What was he suppose to do. He cannot help the fact that he was born into the Vanderbilt family. I also don’t blame his mother with her life choices. Gloria Vanderbilt is the most honest public person I know. She made mistakes which she admits now and who would be normal and do normal things being born into the Vanderbilt family. It is like the British Royal family. They were all odd. Gloria’s mother left her for the first 6 months of her life to go on a European vacation is one example. She was left at home to be raised by nannies, sent to boarding school and had a father who also gave her no attention. Who wouldn’t be warped. I understand them saying money can be a curse.

  • Ben

    Well it’s kinda easy to turn down $200M when you’re already worth 100 million dollars. He’s not impressing me

    • Jane Bond


      He has never impressed me.

  • Stinker II

    that’s the height dysfunctional.

    mom doesn’t leave a dime to her kids and she’s worth $200m?

    I don’t believe a word he says…something doesn’t add up.

  • james young

    its too bad people are petty, especially the one post from “Chris” who refers to Anderson as IT, for what are clearly petty reasons. Probably because “Chris” is jealous that he doesn’t have money. This is supposed to be a site that caters to wealth management, not a place where people can air petty shallow mined thinking. Clearly,. Chris, can’t spell, which leads me to believe that he’s uneducated and therefore knows no better. That or he’s just an A**@&*, that enjoys trying to insult people.