• about time

    The Dept of Financial Institutions, Dept of Real Estate, FBI & Secret Service have known about this Character (& his other three buddies) since Jan/Feb 2008 due to their involvement in a very complex cash back after closing scheme, which involved all of these elderly victims condo purchases (2006-2008) Furthermore, Mr. Perry has known since that time that he was on the radar of these institutions. The fact that he continued to believe he was above the law, taking advantage of these people makes me sick!

    But in the end, his stupidity and sliminess caught up with him as it will the others.
    I sincerely hope these people are able to recoup some of their losses!

  • Ppotts

    The only way for titles matter, and be legitimized, is for them to be issued by a governemental agency. It really is pure and simple. CPAs and attorneys are licensed by each state, Enrolled Agents are licensed by the US Treasury.
    Wannabe regulators who are membership organizations, marketing leads or whatever, probably do the public more harm than good.
    I know of severaal advisory firms who have adopted the policy of only allowing credentials issued by a government agency to be used – all should follow.