• jeff underwood

    Mojo rising royalties.

  • Tanya Ede

    A very interesting read and well written.

    I don’t know if you can assist me with some advice or information regarding reproducing Jim Morrison’s & Jimi Hendrix’ iconic images onto, for example t-shirts. I have just started an online store and I have created some artwork of both Jim and Jimi and unsure of any copyright issues, loyalties, permission/approval/licensing from an estate or other?? At present its only a small interest for a couple of garments to be printed, but if my online store grows and I have interest from many to order this art on items, whether it still be small quantities or in bulk – I need to know if I can go ahead with any orders I receive from customers. Any advice or information would be much appreciated.

    Regards, Tanya
    Adelaide, South Australia