• bryan howard

    I am surprised to see that Florida is a better state than Tennessee since we have APT legislation and only tax residents. Please let me know which tier Tennessee fits in.

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  • Robert Gall

    I’m not sure how you define trust company. Ohio has far more than two banks operating with trust powers.

  • http://www.capitasfinancial.com George Torrella

    With regard to dynasty trust planning in Florida, what are the effective asset protection strategies.

  • Chuck K

    It would be helpful to talk about the requirement of a local Trustee and the costs. Supposedly, Nevada has one of the lower Trustee fees. Also, which states allow non-judicial trust modification?

  • http://www.oshins.com Steve Oshins

    Response to Comment #3: George- It depends on the facts. One good option is for the person to set up a Nevada Asset Protection Trust combined with Nevada LLCs for a second layer of protection. Another option is to make transfers to third party trusts for the settlor’s family members.

  • http://www.oshins.com Steve Oshins

    Response to Comment #4: Chuck K.- It depends upon whether you are asking about getting jurisdiction for a Nevada Dynasty Trust versus a Nevada Asset Protection Trust. The NAPT There are specific [very minimal] requirements for the NAPT in NRS Chapter 166.

    Regarding Nevada trustee fees, yes, they tend to be much lower than the fees in the other Tier 1 states. Alot of that is because my law firm has worked with some trust companies here in Nevada to understand how to price these in order to get the business. I don’t want to mention any trust companies by name, but if you need a referral to one that prices it properly, just email me at soshins@oshins.com.

  • Brandon W

    If a Dynasty Trust was set up in the state of Nevada would my heirs be able to contribute to the trust?

  • http://none Mike

    How does Texas rate on your “Best States” list?

  • jason smith

    If I live in Illinois I have access to widely used corporate trustee’s such as Northern Trust but will pay state tax on the assets of the trust. Is there a way for me to continue to reside in Illinois, establish the trust in Alaska, Delaware or Nevada and still use Northern Trust (or an equally capable corporate trustee)?

  • Illiana Consultant

    #9 Northern Trust fees are expensive and you would be doubling. Consider rolling over to Alaska.

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