• Helen Tuttle

    This is not a factual article; it is an example of a right wing extremist laying out his wishes and hopes against the PEOPLE of these United States. I would remind the author that WE the PEOPLE operate with THREE branches of government–Executive, Congress, and Supreme Court. Our President has the legal authority to sign executive actions that determine how a law is enforced. The next two years with the bribed government elected officials will be a true test for President Obama’s strengths and also an opportunity for the American people to see just how seditious this new Congress will attempt to be. The fact of the matter is that as a country we are progressive and we want our elected government to truly represent OUR NEEDS–not the powerful and greedy. Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be a corporatist rather than a representative of the PEOPLE and progressives are looking for another candidate. She is on a slippery slope; as are the Democrats in Congress who have decided NOT to stand with our duly elected President.

    • http://www.thetrustadvisor.com/ Scott Martin

      Hi Helen! Not sure where the right-wing extremism comes in, but I admire your gusto . . . thanks as always.

    • https://www.facebook.com/troy.schoonover Troy Schoonover

      Helen, I actually found Scott to come accross a fairly moderate, Wall Street-Democrat. You Elizabeth Warren-types are not moderate, Wall Street-Democrats, so I can see how he might rub you the wrong way. And for an Obama supporter to start talking about “THREE branches of government” (more properly described as Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) is really quite rich. Barack Obama’s success at consolidating power in the Executive branch makes George W. Bush’s “Decider” schtick look tame by comparison.

      • samuelbrandon

        GOP tactic ahead is to “come across a fairly moderate” person. There are no “fairly moderate” Republicans. Huntsman was the only potential GOP presidential candidate last time around and he was fine with many Democrats. Why? Because he was actually patriotic and intelligent, unlike every one of the other GOP clown show participants. GOP was stuck with Romney, who is a corporatist and not genuinely American.

  • jack prong

    The Federal Government needs Governor Walker as President. He would pursue government CUTBACKS as he did in Wisconsin successfully. After all, any idiot can raise taxes in an attempt to balance a budget. Scott Walker balanced a state budget without raising taxes.

  • samuelbrandon

    Walker is an expert at “coming across as a moderate.” He’s leaving Wisconsin in a shambles, having sacrificed it to his lust for Washington DC.

    • https://www.facebook.com/troy.schoonover Troy Schoonover

      I sincerely disagree, samuelbrandon. Scott Walker has improved the economy and the state’s finances tremendously, and voters will only be impressed as they get to know him better. And in my previous comment when I referred “Scott”, I was referred to the author of the article. And as for your epithet of Romney as a “corporatist and not genuinely American”, I find it very ironic, owing to the venue you’re choosing to toss around those remarks. And just so we’re clear, “genuine Americans” are supposed to be…what? socialists?