• Gina675


  • Cspenc3

    I hope her lawerys did their due dilligences. And the estate will be free of legal hassles, so that Bobbi-Kistina’s future will be assured finacially.

  • Melissa L. George

    Nice article…I hope it inspired others to get their affairs in order.

  • Ray Meyer

    WHitney’s estate will grow in her passing. Elvis and Michael Jackson had their best years financialy after they passed.

  • Elmer Rich III

    Nice reporting. The challenge of addiction and other mental illness in the families of the wealthy is a chronic problem as are the inherited brain impairments. Unfortunately, the self-harming behavior that are the main symptoms of mental illness like addiction, lead to an inability to plan in individuals and the family.

    As we now know more about the medical and genetic basis for these diseases of the brain, appropriate professional support is also more available.